The advantages of a transparent textile hygieneral mask

The advantages of a transparent textile hygieneral mask

We are the team of XULA., the brand of the Certified textile hygienic masks that puts at your disposal two types of Hygienic masks: the Textile mask stamped of double layer, that in Xulo language we call Artist. and the Transparent textile mask..

You've heard well, yes, we have designed the Transparent textile hygienic mask. What are your advantages:

1. OUR Transparent xula mask. It is light and light, very easy to carry. You will not notice that you carry it. Weigh just a few grams.

2. ESS UNE. Transparent mask. that provides protection offering, at the same time, feeling Liberty. A small respite in time of restrictions imposed by the Covid19..

3. In these times of pandemic we have seen drastically reduced our sociability. With The transparent Xula mask You can reduce LA Social distance with a broad one. Guarantee of protection. Your safety matters, your safety and that of your surroundings is the first.

4. LA XULA. is a Reusable mask.. After the massive use of Surgical masks We have been able to observe the increase in pollution and degradation of our natural environments, caused by gloves and mask waste. We offer you a mask that resists up XX. Laundry so you can lengthen your life and reduce your impact on the environment. Be echo-responsible and help us take care of the planet. It's everyone's task. I bet you XULA, sustainable and reusable masks.

5. Xula transparent mask Facilitates LA. communication Since it is monolayer and facilitates the passage of the voice with the minimum acoustic barrier. How many times have we have not done repeat and have made us repeat some phrase! The communication During these days it is seriously hampered.

6. LA Transparent mask. XULA. It facilitates the vision of the physiognomy of the person, enhancing the identification and recognition. Do you greet you down the street and do not know who it is? It has also happened to us and that is why we think that the best of the masks should be transparent.

7. LA. face mask XULA. It was specially designed for the collective of the deaf people, who need to read the lips of their interlocutors to be able to socialize normally. The Xula transparent mask it is the Transparent mask for deaf people. But not only that, it is also the Transparent mask for autistic people, the Transparent mask for people with senile dementia, transparent mask for people with Alzheimer's, They are easily disoriented when they can not see their interlocutor or caregiver.

8. LA. Xula transparent mask. It is also the first option for certain groups such as: Logopedas. or teachers, who need to communicate clearly and correct behaviors.

9. LA. Transparent mask. It should also be a first option for certain age fringes such as childhood and adolescence, for which the expression of emotions and feelings is in the development and learning phase.

10. Do you wear glasses? Sure you will appreciate being able to take our Transparent hygienic mask. high Respirability that avoids condensation. Your lenses will no longer be learned every time you get a mask.

11. O ours Xula transparent mask. Facilitates any Comercial activity Because it allows communication, empathy and sociability. Get again taught your best face and smile to all your customers.

12. Improves the self-esteem of the entire community. Seeing the faces and smiles of our environment facilitates relationships, decreases distrust and power opening towards others. The moral goes up!

13. Las Xula masks are from easy maintenance: They can be washed at 30 ° C and should be ironed with the silk program to reactivate protection treatments. Do not complicate your life!

14. We have designed our Transparent masks XULA. In several designs and colors, with lateral decorations so you can offer different expressions of IT, according to different times of the day or situations.


The Transparent hygienic mask. It is the best protection solution against the Covid19. for its benefits. It demands whenever it is a Certified transparent hygienic mask. Because the most important thing is you!