Braguitas menstruales


Our xula menstrual panties absorb the flow keeping the intimate area dry. They are very breathable, do not leak and have an antibacterial fabric. In addition, their composition is free of chemicals and toxic products.

They are the only ones in the market with a patented fastening system so you only need to change the pad when you need to, avoiding the inconvenience of removing the entore panty

If you are a xula girl, our menstrual panties are your best choice>! Designed with love and care for details

XULA panties are the perfect choice for women who are sensitive towards our planet and who want to live their menstruation in a sustainable way. They are also suitable for urine leaks and first periods.

We have two collections available: Emma Essentials, our collection of sporty period panties, and Chloe Lingerie, our collection of more feminine and chic menstrual panties.