FAQS Xulamask.

 Is the use of masks enough to potemanos del couvid19?

To think that the use of masks is the only factor that can be kept protected from the virus is a serious error. The most reliable protection comes from the combination of a series of measures, such as: reducing sociability, frequently washing, maintaining the safety distance, avoiding closed spaces with little ventilation or very busy, always relate inside a reduced bubble And always use mask.


What are the safer masks?

The safest masks that exist in the market are the masks called high efficiency or auto filtering. These masks contain a micro particulate filter, thanks to which they protect the one who is put on the inhalation of certain contaminants in the environment, as pathogenic agents, chemical, antibiotics ... althoughDo not protect against gases or vapors. These do are considered EPIS, and are classified based on their performance, that is, the FFP3, FFP2Y FFP1 respectively

Then we find the surgical masks. This type serves to avoid the transmission of infectious agents by the person who takes it on, they are not considered EPI, because they do not provide a reliable level of protection against particle inhalation, although they are considered a health product (PS).

Finally, we find the hygienic ones. This type of mask is not considered a healthcare product, nor individual protection equipment (EPI), and are not designed to "protect from any risk", so its use in "situations involving exposure to hazardous agents" is not recommended. The goal of your employment is to tryReduce the risk of virus transmission from the mouth and nose of the non-sick or asymptomatic user.


Who can use the hygienic masks?

Its use is recommended to all those healthy people, that is, without chronic pathologies, without alterations of the immune system, such as those caused by a chemical / radio treatment to combat cancer, without severe (cardiac, pulmonary ...) insufficiency. And that they have no contact with infected people, that is, they do not work in a risk environment, such as hospitals, geriatric ...


What kind of masks does Xulamask manufactures?

Xulamask manufactures transparent, reusable and certified polyester protection masks.


Are the Xulamask masks certified?

Yes, of course, we have the Spanish certification for European masks CWA 17553: 2020. You can find the certificate in the certifications section of our website.


What tests pass the masks to get the CWA 17553: 2020 certification?

The masks pass two tests, the breathability (to make sure we can breathe with the mask on and the bacterial filtration (BFE), to ensure that the mask will have an adequate level of barrier to viruses and bacteria. Being reusable masks, Washing tests also pass, in order to ensure that the masks continue to comply with the levels of breathability and bacterial filtration after the washes indicated.


What is the degree of bacterial filtration of the XulaMask hygienic masks?

Our bacterial filtration is greater than 95%


What is the degree of breathability of the XULA masks?

Our breathability is very high, since our transparent masks are monolayer. The result is <1.0? P (PA / CM2)


Are the XULA masks safe?

The XULA masks meet all the requirements required by the COVID19 protection regulations as long as the client strictly respects the mode of use indicated in our packaging, that is, follow the instructions for use, and washing them. We also want to remember once again, that the protection against the Covid19, is achieved with a combination of several factors, the mask, of course, but also social distancing, the washing of hands ...


Are the Xula Masks Reusable?

Our XULA masks are reusable masks. After 8 hours of use, they should be washed (on machine to 35 ° C) to be able to be used again.


To how many washes resist?

We guarantee its features up to 40 washes. Then we recommend acquiring a new mask.


Do you need special care?

We recommend washing the mask every 8 hours of use and applying a heat source below to reactivate the hydrophobic protection. The ideal heat source is the hair dryer at maximum power, dryer or iron on your silk ironing program.


With what type of fabric do the XULA masks be manufactured?

The XULA masks are manufactured in black meat or polyester polyester.


How many models does Xulamask have?

Xulamask has several models available to his clients: female models: basic bullies in white, black and navy blue, white purpurin, silver, black ball decorations and imitation zirconia. The male models are: basic with rooks in black and blue.


How many sizes does Xulamak have?

Xulamask makes it from the XS, the S, the M, L and even XL.


How do I know what size corresponds to me?

We have made available to our clients a complete guide of sizes: Click here


Can I return the mask in case of being wrong sizes or for any other reason?

Our masks do not admit returns for apparent hygiene and risk of contagion risk. The only exceptions are those of manufacturing defects, which must be informed by the manufacturer at the time of receipt of the order and must be documented with photos. Xulamask will send a unit without cost, requesting the client to destroy the unit in poor condition.