XULA provides the opportunity to sell its full range of transparent masks and stamped to shops, distributors and companies.

Retail stores

For retailersXULA.The minimum purchase is from a point of sale pack, which includes a selection of varied masks in sizes and designs, both transparent and artist stamped. The PACK includes an attractive and functional desktop exhibitor without cost. All products come packed in an elegant case that in turn is used to keep the mask guarded at all times when it is not used.
Exhibitor measures: 30 cm long x 35 cm wide x 40 cm high.


XULA.It offers you the possibility to customize the masks with your corporate logo and with the colors and prints you want. Do not hesitate to protect your employees by maintaining the corporateness of your company.


To access to be a XULA distributor, you must buy a minimum of 20 Point Point of Sale and you will benefit from very advantageous commercial conditions.