Emma Gold Panty + Moderate Flow Pad Pack

Period panties with a classic cut, sporty, comfortable and easy to adapt thanks to its high quality double-sided elastic band and striped print in three shades: beige-gold, white and black. Composition free of chemicals and toxic products.

Recycled polyamide is our main fabric. Its characteristics make the panty very comfortable and absorbent and it dries quickly. The panty includes an extra layer of waterproof technical material that prevents leaks and odours and a patented fastening system so that you can precisely adjust the pads for different types of flow according to your needs during your menstrual cycle.

At Xula we feel the need to contribute to the transformation of the textile industry towards a new environmentally friendly and sustainable era. For this reason we use recycled polyamide produced from recycled sources such as industrial waste and PET bottles.

In the same pack you will receive a reusable cloth sanitary towel as a gift that will be perfectly fixed to the Xula panty, so your sanitary towel won't move no matter what you do. Our cloth sanitary towel has three layers of different technical fabrics, the first layer of organic tencel is the one that is in contact with your intimate area and absorbs the flow keeping the intimate area dry and clean. This fabric is very soft, antibacterial and odourless. The second layer is an extra absorbent technical fabric while the third layer is completely waterproof, retaining the flow and preventing leaks and odours.

Although at the beginning they require an initial investment as several pads are needed for one menstruation, over time their use pays off as you will avoid having to buy disposable pads for each menstruation.

It is important to follow the washing instructions for a good conservation of the product:

Why switch to sustainable menstruation

FingerprintEnvironmental minimal
Optionextremely comfortable and safe
Savingabout € 40 per year

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