Two reusable moderate flow pads

The moderate-flow reusable pads have twice as much absorbent layer as the light-flow pads. You will notice them at first glance by the colour of the edge of the pad, which is gold on this model.

The minimum you need to get through a moderate day of periods is two pads, which is why we have created a pack of two to make it more economical for you. Each pad absorbs the equal of 2 tampons or about 15ml of blood.

Our patented fastening system only allows our Xula pads to be used with our Xula briefs.

Available in two sizes and must always match your panty size:

For Xula menstrual panty sizes S and M the correct size will be S/M.
For Xula menstrual panty sizes L and XL the correct size will be L/XL.

It is important to follow the washing instructions for a good conservation of the product:

Why switch to sustainable menstruation

FingerprintEnvironmental minimal
Optionextremely comfortable and safe
Savingabout € 40 per year

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