Brazilian Menstrual Thongs offer an innovative and sustainable solution for women during their period. Designed for use both during menstruation and throughout the month, these thongs feature an additional layer of absorbent fabric in the pelvic area. This feature not only protects clothing from stains, but also absorbs menstrual and vaginal fluid, offering a reusable and environmentally friendly option, in contrast to disposable panty liners.

The high-rise design of these thongs not only provides comfort, but also slims and flatters your legs. Made with recycled polyester (Seaqual), obtained from plastic waste recovered from the sea, these thongs are not only functional but also environmentally friendly. They can be used with any type of garment, being an excellent option for those who want to prevent their panties from showing, especially when wearing dresses or skirts.

These thongs are ideal for both the beginning and the end of the menstrual period, when the necessary protection is not as high, since the flow is less intense. They are also a viable option for days with fewer periods or to complement the use of the menstrual cup on days with heavier flow.

Currently, the offer includes two types of Menstrual Thongs: the Diana Menstrual Thong and the Sophie Menstrual Thong