Sustainable menstruation starter pack (panties + 4 reusable pads)

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Are you thinking about living your menstruation in a more sustainable way?

Have you seen XULA's innovative concept, but don't know where to start?

XULA makes it easy for you with this Sustainable Menstruation Starter Pack.

It includes menstrual panties in the size you need, 4 reusable pads of various flows for every moment of your cycle, and a hygienic XULA toiletry bag for your pads!

We want to help you in your initiation, so the complete pack is now only 59€! Only on our website!

Don't hesitate any longer, join the sustainable XULA family!

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It is important to follow the washing instructions for a good conservation of the product:

Why switch to sustainable menstruation

FingerprintEnvironmental minimal
Optionextremely comfortable and safe
Savingabout € 40 per year

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