If you are a pharmacy, a specialized store or a wholesale distributor who cares about the planet and is interested in the menstrual panties of the best brands, do not hesitate to contact us!


Xula It has designed an attractive and functional desktop exhibitor to present in the best way the entire variety of panties and ecological compresses of the best brands it offers to its users. In addition, each product is presented in a practical package very representative of the brand for easy identification.

The exhibitor of Xula, loaded with the menstrual panties of the best brands, is offered with the entire product arranged, ready for sale. In this way, the point of sale only has to open the exhibitor's billboard and install it in the best location.

The Xula exhibitor is designed with recyclable materials. It is elegant and very compact and is also an ideal vehicle for the final customer to appreciate the varied range of items offered by the brand. If you are looking for menstrual panties of the best brands, join the Xula family!