We are a Catalan SME that is born in Mataró in pandemic times. We start our journey with the will to help reduce the huge number of single -use products that are currently Invade the market worldwide and They contribute to a massive degradation of the environment. Therefore, we develop a reusable and inclusive transparent masks that have helped reduce this immense waste.

Today the pandemic seems to be coming to an end, but our efforts are still directed in the same direction. Thus our second sustainable project was born: ecological menstrual panties for the Xula rule.

And this same vision will guide our future developments.


  • MISSION: Develop sustainable and environmental products that help reduce the number of polluting waste on our planet.


  • VISION: Create the widest possible range of durable products that replace current disposables in the field of fashion and personal care.


  • VALUES: Sustainability, continuous innovation and positive creativity.

And this same vision and these values ​​will guide our future developments, always focused on products that, such as our ecological menstrual panties, foster a more sustainable and environmental lifestyle.