Terms of service


Purchasing process

If you are playing for the first time, you will be asked to register by entering your email address and a password.

In case it is a registered user and with an active account, you must enter your e-mail and password and the system will recognize your data.

Once the account is activated you can navigate on the website until you find the desired item. By clicking on it you will access all the detailed information and, if you wish, add it to the shopping basket.

Finally, confirming the shopping basket will be indicated the total price of the order including VAT and shipping cost.

In the maximum period of 24 hours from the confirmation of the payment of the order, the customer will receive the confirmation of preparation from it by email to the facilitated e-mail address.

Once the order is prepared, it will be delivered at home using a carrier. You will be notified via email the output date of the XULA installations

All orders are subject to availability of products. If when performing the request of any of them, it is not available, the client will be informed as soon as possible by the contact form that has been provided to agree on the solution that best suits his needs.

The products offered are distributed exclusively in Spain, Peninsula and Balearic Islands.


The price of each product is properly indicated on its corresponding information page.

All prices are shown in euros (€) and should be considered as the final price to be paid by the client (including VAT) without taking into account possible shipping costs.

All this is detailed and calculated automatically during the purchase process and must be accepted by the client before formalizing the order.

Prices can change at any time. However, the possible changes will not affect the products of which XULA has already made the shipping confirmation.

According to current legislation, any purchase made from our website will be subject to the value added tax. The applicable type will be legally valid at each moment.

Payment Methods

The payment of the acquired product may be carried out:

  1. TO) Via Visa or MasterCard credit card (RedSYS secure e-commerce platform)
  2. B) Bizum
  3. C) PayPal

The charge will take place in real time through this payment gateway. In case the charge can not be carried out finally (for any reason), the order will be automatically annulled.

These data will not be saved or manipulated by XULA, but will be registered directly on the payment gateway of the corresponding financial entity. For added safety, we use a secure e-commerce authentication service established by Visa / MasterCard for which user authenticates before his station and trade is authenticated before his acquirer bank.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the transactions, they are carried out through the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

If you have any questions regarding payment forms you can contact without any commitment to us.