¿Sabías que las braguitas absorbentes para la regla también pueden ser útiles en caso de sudoración intensa o clima caluroso?  Ventajas de las bragas menstruales Xula en verano.

Did you know that absorbent period panties can also be useful in case of intense sweating or hot weather? Advantages of Xula menstrual panties in summer.

Did you know that absorbent period panties can also be useful in case of intense sweating or hot weather? Advantages of Xula menstrual panties in summer.

The summer heat usually takes its toll on our comfort:

Is menstrual lingerie the best alternative during the holidays ?

Let's see what it's like to wear menstrual panties in summer and feel protected from menstruation without worrying about it.

First of all, menstrual panties are ideal to protect you from light or heavy flows, in winter or summer, all year round. The outside temperature is not an obstacle to its effectiveness during hot weather to absorb menstrual blood loss.

Our material is comfortable and light. Xula menstrual panties are made up of several layers: a draining layer in direct contact with the skin and then an absorbent core on the inside made of breathable technical materials.

We have already told you on other occasions that the material in contact with the intimate area is Tencel, this fabric is extremely breathable, comfortable and effective, it is made of eucalyptus fibers, known for their antibacterial properties.

Don't menstrual panties get too hot?

Although menstrual panties are thicker than conventional ones and could therefore theoretically be warmer, this sensation is quickly offset by the breathable properties of our tencel fabric. This not only allows your intimate area to remain ventilated, but also to stay dry, without the risk of irritation due to humidity. However, it is important to choose tencel or cotton, as a synthetic material would have the opposite effect by storing heat.

Can menstrual panties absorb sweat? Indeed, menstrual panties, thanks to their ingenious assembly, can absorb various types of liquid, more or less effectively depending on their viscosity. Blood, its main use, but also white secretions, which have a similar viscosity and are retained by the absorbent core before being filtered. Less viscous liquids, such as water or perspiration, tend to drain more quickly than blood, leaving less time for the tencel surface to drain: this is why period panties cannot be used in the pool.

On the other hand, in the case of perspiration, it involves a much smaller amount of water, which gives the tencel time to fulfill its function.

As the body's physiology is well thought out, sweat droplets also flow through the gap between the buttocks and the folds of the groin, which redirects this watery flow towards the absorbent area of ​​the period panties: mission accomplished !

The draining Tencel also keeps the surface from feeling damp, and the absorbent zone locks in perspiration – so don't worry!

Change regularly when you are hot However, you should not hesitate to change more regularly if you feel damp: in fact, with or without menstrual panties, humidity is a breeding ground for mycoses and other alterations of the vaginal flora. Do not hesitate to carry your pad replacements in our menstrual bag that we have designed specifically for this.

What are the best menstrual panties for this summer ? There is a menstrual panty suitable for every situation, let me explain:

  • Menstrual panties with built-in removable pad: you have five different models to choose from, and you also have 4 types of absorption of the pad that is attached to the panties with a very soft velcro system, choose the absorption that best suits you and Carry your clean spare parts in our toiletry bag to change whenever you want.
  • Menstrual panties with the absorbent part incorporated into the same panties: we have four models: two thongs for the weakest days of the cycle or to wear together with a cup or tampon, these models are light and will be invisible under clothing and then the models comfort and comfort plus for moderate to very abundant flows.

 What if I get hot at night?

It's even more practical at night, since you don't necessarily have to wear pajama pants. Sleep light!

Our menstrual panties are an ecological alternative to combat global warming, however, summer heat waves and repeated heat waves hide another problem that goes beyond the comfort of women in summer: global warming.

These phenomena will intensify in the coming years. We can only encourage you to replace your everyday objects and habits with reusable alternatives with less impact on the environment: every gesture counts!

In this sense, menstrual panties are an eco-responsible option, especially when they are made from eucalyptus fibers, whose production is less demanding on the planet's water resources. Therefore, wearing Xula menstrual panties during the summer heat is doubly beneficial.

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