The panties for urinary incontinence and menstruation are made with recycled polyester (Seaqual) from marine plastic waste and have been designed to absorb the flow during menstruation but also urine losses. The absorbent part is made with the best absorbent materials on the market and absorbs both menstruation and urine.

Our Panties absorb the flow, keeping the intimate area dry, they are very breathable, do not see through and have an antibacterial fabric. In addition, its composition is free of chemicals and toxic products.

That absorbent part is made of 3 high-tech materials. The first layer is tencel and drains the flows towards the absorbent part and dries immediately to avoid any feeling of humidity. The second absorbs fluids and retains them throughout the day and/or night, while being antibacterial to prevent odors. The last is a thin waterproof AND breathable membrane. This prevents leakage while allowing water in the blood and/or urine to evaporate through body heat. The absorbency of this panty is the equivalent of about 30 ml of liquids or fluids.

OEKO-TEX certified and without chemical absorbents.