Manta Pulse

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The Manta Hair Pulse brush has been designed to give you a luxurious experience in your hair care routine, immerse yourself in a spa experience in the comfort of your home with our innovative vibrating massage system

The Manta Hair Pulse brush uses gentle vibrations to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, promoting stronger, healthier hair growth. Additionally, by gently exfoliating the scalp it helps open the pores, allowing the nutrients from the specialized treatments to penetrate deeply and nourish your hair from root to tip.

It is ideal for taking to the shower , applying shampoo and conditioner while enjoying a scalp massage at 2000 to 4000 revolutions per minute—relaxing and invigorating mode respectively.

The pack includes a holder to place our brush in the bathtub or shower, a high-quality charging cable for reliable performance and a travel bag so you can take care of your hair wherever you are. The Manta Hair Pulse is your essential companion for maintaining lush, radiant hair every step of the way.

Transform your hair care routine into a wellness ritual with the Manta Hair Pulse. Join thousands of people who have already experienced the difference and bring your hair to life vibrantly. Make Manta Hair Pulse your secret to stunning hair and a rejuvenated scalp!

It is important to follow the washing instructions for a good conservation of the product:

What do our clients think?

I love them! I've caught the starter pack and great! They're super comfortable, they have no leaks and the most important thing is the comfort of not having to change whole, just the compress. Having several flows is very easy to adapt and the need with double compartment is a success. I'll repeat the purchase no doubt


Mainly for the kind and attentive treatment of Rosa, to which I add the speed of delivery of the order. In less than 24 hours he had it at home.
And the best ... The product has loved me ... In principle it paints very well I have to try in the following menstrual cycle ... For now it meets expectations. The perfect size following the table of measures 👌


The order came very quickly and, although a wrong part had come, they took care of me very quickly on WhatsApp and changed me in a couple of days what had come wrong.
As for the product, it totally meets my expectations.


The Xula are a fabulous invention! Ideal alternative to menstrual pantries to be able to change out of the house without the need to dress.

My daughter is having her first menstruation and, from these beginnings of novelty and uncertainty for her, I wanted to seek comfort and tranquility, as well as reduce the consumption of disposable products. In his case, he has a lot of flow during the first three days and the menstrual pantries of greater absorption did not hold him all the school day, so, looking for alternatives, I met the Xula. She is delighted with them, as she has proven that they resist several hours of much flow and that, when the time comes, she can easily change them thanks to her Velcro system and keep them in her need until they can rinse them at home.

Highly recommended. I wish they had been invented before.


I have asked for the start pack and only the braga has arrived!
The answer has been quick and effective. The same day you have sent the rest of the order.
Proximity company and that does a lot for the planet. Recommended 100%.
Quick shipping and package presentation, perfect! A detail the wrapping.
Thank you for the quick response and solution.


Really very good. Excellent combination of a monisima braguita with blonde for the rule and also reusable. And what I find original is the possibility of being able to change the dam according to the day of the rule you are in, as you offer different types of absorption. I recommend testing them.