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Color - Blue-color

XULA Women's Reusable Clear Mask with Navy Blue Trim (40 washings)

Our certified transparent mask complies with the European standard CWA17553 and its ergonomic design allows an ideal facial adjustment to all types of physiognomies. Our innovative skin-coloured transparent fabric is light and comfortable and has been designed to meet the needs of protection and to promote socialisation. No filter required. Anti-fogging. It also covers one of the most demanded needs of deaf people, with hearing and communication problems. Ideal for professional use that requires dealing with the public, as it allows the user's mouth to be visible and makes it easier for the interlocutor to read lips and visualise their expressions.

  • Certified Mask CWA17553
  • High Breathability
  • Anti-fog material and water-repellent fabric
  • Reusable up to 40 washings and adjustable ergonomic design
  • Anti-bacterial and single-layer polyester fabric

It is important to follow the washing instructions for a good conservation of the product:

Why switch to sustainable menstruation

FingerprintEnvironmental minimal
Optionextremely comfortable and safe
Savingabout € 40 per year

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