Las mascarillas siguen siendo el accesorio indispensable para protegerse contra las nuevas variantes.

The masks are still the indispensable accessory to protect against new variants.

The masks are still the indispensable accessory to protect against new variants.

Given the need to continue fulfilling biosafety measures to prevent contagion with the new Variants of COVID-19, The masks are still indispensable accessories In day to day. In Spain, entrepreneurs Rosa Sánchez and Jordi Valls created transparent masks thinking of knocking down the new communication barriers that brought the pandemic to people with hearing impairment, with autism or degenerative processes such as senile dementia or Alzheimer's. These articles have caused sensation in all types of public and They are available through the store on-line Xula.

Certified and reusable product of great efficacy

Xula transparent masks ensure a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) greater than 95%, a certificate that can be seen from the company's website in the "certifications" section. This means The resistance of the mask material in the face of bacteria penetration, the results are reflected in percentage, and to Greater BFE Better efficacy of the mask as a barrier to bacteria. The tissue used is hydrophugo and anti vaho and also has a high breatability <1Pa/cm2, which prevents the glasses from being tarnished and at the same time does not produce that feeling of overwhelm that forces us to lower the mask below the nose As we see very often with another type of masks.

Another advantages of this practical and safe accessory is its preparation, which It fits perfectly to the face, since it has a facial adjustment factor> 95 % so that it does not allow the passage to pollutants; Likewise, the masks Xula They have been treated with HEIQ Viroblock, intelligent Swiss textile technology designed to provide textiles with antimicrobial properties* and antibacterial, this finish is added to the fabric during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process. The combination of silver antimicrobial technology and vesicle technology quickly destroys any type of bacteria.

*This product is treated with a biocide to protect it from deterioration by microbes and bacteria that cause smells. Active ingredient: silver chloride

All these characteristics have made this product worthy of the CWA 17553 European certification, quality and protection.

The creators of these models that facilitate communication, as well as the expression of feelings and emotions, have established in 40 The maximum number of washes, without using bleach, and recommend completely withdrawing moisture with hair dryer or dryer in order to reactivate your hydrophoge condition.

Models for all tastes and ages

As the best ally of the health of the little ones in the family, the version of Xula Children's Transparent Masks It is available with trim in blue, black or white. Men can also acquire these accessories in the All Black reference, with the edge and transparent fabric in black tone and the classic black or blue trim.

For female distinction, the company has created various masks versions Like transparent with riverside in camouflage fabric, wedding white, traditional white, blue, black, all black, aurum and silver. In their "Superxula" versions, The girls can choose masks whose sides are decorated with bright circumlists and other details that will allow them to feel glamorous and elegant.

Acquiring these accessories not only ensures an extremely effective anticovid barrier, but it allows contribute care to the environment and resume nonverbal communication that entails, as the motto of this solidarity initiative says: "We return the smiles with maximum protection."

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