Xula recomienda no bajar la guardia durante la Navidad y lanza al mercado su colección de mascarillas para fiestas.

XULA recommends not to lown down the guard during Christmas and launches its collection of deceased masks.

XULA recommends not to lown down the guard during Christmas and launches its collection of deceased masks.

These Christmas have been affected by new restrictions caused by the course of the pandemic of the Coronavirus. What is recommended by the authorities for this period is that families remain with the face mask At all times, limit the number of people at meetings and try to be in a ventilated environment to avoid the progress of a new wave of contagion.

For this reason, it is important not to lower the guard before the threat of Coronavirus, because the national average of incidents is already at high risk. Companies such as XULA. They enhance the use of masks and create transparent designs, to facilitate the reading of the lips to people with a lack of hearing, and reusable, to care for and respect the environment.

Masks to express emotions

During these celebrations at the end of the year, the hotel is also converted into a potential focus of contagions. In recent months, this sector was functioning with relative normality. However, measures are already being taken to avoid the progress of Coronavirus.

In this sense, the use of masks will remain mandatory in closed and exterior spaces, unless, in outdoor places, the minimum interpersonal distance of metro and a half can be guaranteed. In turn, the Spanish Society of Public Health (SESPAS) insists on the importance of the use of indoor masks.

Following this line, the Spanish XULA brand has launched new designs that guarantee a unique and safe style for users, protecting them and helping them to look good at the same time. Attending to all compulsory sanitary protocols, XULA manufactures transparent textile, washable and reusable masks. These facilitate communication between people and allow each one's facial expression. In turn, its models are elegant, daring, different and original, with options for all tastes.

Party designs

XULA has launched a new collection of masks to be able to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays, elegantly and safely. There are designs available for women and women, with blank, golden, silver, metallic, with rhinestone or crystals and black mesh or skin color. Undoubtedly, it is ideal alternatives to replace the common mask and look elegantly with a costume or party dress.

It should be noted that all the masks produced by XULA are made in Spain, using certified materials to guarantee quality finishes. Additionally, these products comply with all European regulations in force, corresponding to the health protocols by the COVID-19. To consult the prices or make a purchase, users have the whole catalog on the XULA website.

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